Patrick Dolique’s work has been marrying photography and painting since the 1980’s.
In his “Chop Suey” series, he revels in the magical process of photography yet blurs the distinction between photography and painting techniques.
For twenty years now, this work has been examining Art, the artist, and the role of paintings in our society. Today, Patrick collects and recycles all kinds of encrypted images for his collection “Be Up See”. These images are, for him, different ways of representing aesthetic perspectives, in our society where Art has become inseparable from our consumer view.
The spectator is well-placed between the areas of light and the luminosity of his work, and an essential part of his appeal is the accessibility of these vibrations.
The mystery of being, and the lucidity of existence is also at the heart of his work ; we move to and fro in the mobile character of his pictures... powerful visual forces dilate and retract in his work.
These forces can only be unleashed by treating colour and shape as ultimate identities.
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